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Siser® EasyColor™ DTV Direct-To-Vinyl brings printed photos, patterns, complex graphics, and custom colours to the masses. This heat transfer vinyl is compatible with aqueous ink systems such as desktop inkjet printers. Previously, printed HTV required commercial solvent printers or dedicated sublimation printers, largely because of pigment durability and washability (actually, UN-washability). Not any more. Technically, this material is capable of toner (laser) printing. However, the results can be disappointing, so it's not guaranteed.


EasyColor™ DTV offers sufficient opacity for use on both light and dark fabrics. Printed colours stay true without the fabric background colour bleeding through. Despite its block out capabilities, it is still a lightweight material. This provides multiple advantages. It's suitable for 100% polyester fabric. It isn't excessively thick. It is surprisingly flexible and soft. Additionally, EasyColor™ DTV has excellent stretch and rebound. Not only is it more comfortable, but this also makes it capable of applying to Lycra-blend fabrics.


Please note, Siser® TTD Easy Mask is required for applying this product.

Siser EasyColour DTV

  • It is recommended to wash the garment prior to wearing to ensure any excess ink from the printing process is removed. Wait 24 hours prior to washing. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not dry clean. Liquid fabric softener not recommended.

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